March is back, which means you’ve survived a year of Covid-19. It has been tragic for many, and there have been many, many changes. While I want to acknowledge those we lost (I personally lost one of my Aunts as well as a friend to Covid-19), there is still hope…

Female Founder

Over 90% of Founders go out and start their business without any business education. They start because they are good at what they do. Maybe they get frustrated, hit a ceiling, want to chase an opportunity, move faster, or want to remain true to their values. But they are not…

The First Critical Process

There are a few critical processes in running your business. And usually there are fewer than we think that are truly critical, the ones that all the others rely on.

I have boiled it down to 5 critical processes for a Physical Therapist Private Practice. They…

I have seen business owners, time and again, frustrated with the lack of results from their teams. And in nearly every case it is because they lack a process to drive their desired results.

In some cases there is no clarity around expectations.

There is no focus on what needs…


Business Coach, Advisor and Trainer.

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