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Uber found that $100,000,000 (one-hundred million dollars) of their $150 million ad budget was being fraudulently billed. And after drilling down, cutting spending, and figuring out where the money was going, they got the same result with 13.33% of their original spend.

Nandini Jammi wrote a great thread about this on Twitter. Sleeping Giants kept hounding Uber about where their ads were appearing prompting them to dig into it and figure out why, even after they had turned off those ads. This led to Uber figuring out they were being defrauded. …

Female Founder
Female Founder

Over 90% of Founders go out and start their business without any business education. They start because they are good at what they do. Maybe they get frustrated, hit a ceiling, want to chase an opportunity, move faster, or want to remain true to their values. But they are not the serial entrepreneurs of the magazines and Silicon Valley. They are normal people who have an entrepreneurial seizure and decide to strike out on their own.

Sailboat with: The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.
Sailboat with: The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.
Miro Sailing Academy d.o.o., CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Disney Stock rose today (Nov 12, 2020) after reporting a loss of 20 cents per share instead of the expected 71 cents with $500M more in revenue than projected. (CNBC)

On this same day total US cases hit 10,500,259 with 242,436 individuals having died due to Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering. This in the context of over 52M cases worldwide and nearly 2M more cases than India, a country with more than four times the population of the US.

On the previous day there were 666 thousand cases reported worldwide with 143 thousand…

The First Critical Process

There are a few critical processes in running your business. And usually there are fewer than we think that are truly critical, the ones that all the others rely on.

I have boiled it down to 5 critical processes for a Physical Therapist Private Practice. They are all similar, if not exactly the same, for most businesses. And focusing on these few critical processes, making sure they are working, is the underpinning to a stable and profitable business.

The first Critical Process is Marketing Activities. I am calling it “Marketing Activities” to emphasize the activity part…

Fast Company posted this challenging tweet and link to a depreciative article on Twitter. The article title is “Brand purpose” is a lie.

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Fast Company tweet Jan 20, 2019

I agree with the tweet. A Core Purpose is not something you make up. And big businesses who do this only fuel our cynicism. But Core Purpose in and of itself is no lie, at least it doesn’t have to be.

A meaningful, and accurate, Core Purpose can be part of a Company’s Vision and guide decisions and where it is going. A Core Purpose is the reason the company exists, beyond just making a profit.


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Greg Crabtree lays out what he calls “The Four Keys” in Section 1 of his book, “Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!”. These are the “4 keys to unlock your business potential” based on his experiences as an accountant, entrepreneur, and consultant to entrepreneurs.

Section 1, the first four chapters, is so impactful and foundational to growing and operating any business, that I think it should be mandatory reading for all, especially new, business owners. Many of the lessons in Section 1 are lessons that I learned the hard way, over 19+ years, and through many mistakes. Some of them…

I have seen business owners, time and again, frustrated with the lack of results from their teams. And in nearly every case it is because they lack a process to drive their desired results.

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In some cases there is no clarity around expectations.

There is no focus on what needs to get done. For example, a front desk worker in any medical practice should have 2 primary job tasks to focus on 1) schedule patients, and 2) collect co-pays.

Sure, they need to do this with a smile and because they care about the patients and want them to achieve…

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If the preceding photo appealed to you, then you are likely this company’s target customer. Or at least you are near the center of their target.

If it did not then you are not.

It really is that simple.

The cool thing about Triple Voodoo Brewery and Taproom is they know who their target is, and who it isn’t. They aren’t pretending. And they aren’t trying to appeal to everyone. Their target customer is urban — they’re in the Dogpatch in San Francisco — , youngish, and likes beer. They like beer in all its complexity, variety, and variations. They…

Business Insider and Twitter are reporting on the Whole Foods “crisis” of empty shelves and low inventory. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods Market in August of 2017 is not even 1 year ago as of today, but changes have been rapid and massive. You can read more about the $13.7 billion transaction and the “founding ethos of the companies [that] are as different as a chocolate pop tart and organic oatmeal” in this CNBC article.

When the acquisition was announced, it was pretty obvious that there was going to be some kind of breakdown, I just thought it would be…

Physical Therapy is increasingly accepted as a first line of treatment for low back pain and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, and is currently being recommended by the CDC and the Canadian Health Service. As Physical Therapists are increasingly being seen and accepted as MSK experts, why don’t we see more people accessing and using the services of a Physical Therapist?

One answer lies in people, the public, and primary care providers not really understanding what Physical Therapists do. Granted, what Physical Therapists do varies by specialty and practice environment, but one common thing they do is assess, monitor, and improve…


Business Coach, Advisor and Trainer.

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